Key West or Bust 2014

The start of the Journel. I will be posting how we are preparing for the Philly to Key West Trip this coming Sept. So far it will be possibly three of us making the trip.  Myself, my Son (Shaun) and my cousin (Harry)

We will be riding to hopefully inspire and encourage people to live their dreams.  To live now in the moment. We also want to bring awareness of bicycle safety and the need for more bike paths and lanes.  Hit and run of cyclist by vehicles is an epidemic.  A hit in run in California is a felony….bottom line.  Most of the country treats it as simply an accident and most offenders never due jail time after hitting and most times killing a cyclist.  This in itself is criminal. Demand stricter laws for Hit and Run incidents.  When someone flees the scene of an accident, it is no longer an accident but a crime!  We encourage you to support Rails to Trails, East Coast Greenway and call you local law makers to have more bike paths and lanes built for safe riding. Change doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes time.   Cycling is here to stay.  Keep it safe!

The Bikes we will be riding are 1 Surly Long Haul Trucker, 1 Trek 520 (2014), and a Bianchi Volpe. (The Bianchi (Big Blue) is still pending.

We have the ACA Atlantic Coast Maps and the East Coast Greenway Maps. After looking at the maps to get out of Philly we decided we want to take a more scenic route and divert through New Jersey to Cape May and take the Ferry. It appears we can stay along the coast down to the Outer Banks. So more to come as the time gets closerbig blue

Harry’s bike (Big BLue)  The Bianchi Volpe.







Shaun’s Bike.  TheSurly LHT.

shauns surly

cpt cook

My Bike. Capt Cook. The Trek 520

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