TABR2017 Countdown 23 days

I’m spreading my gear out and packing my bike up today.  The Trek 520 will be my choice of ride. His name is Capt. Cook, after my old friend Brandon Cook, one of the best bike mechanics I know.

I changed Capt. Cook up a bit and had Jones H Loop bars installed with trigger shifters.  The days of drop bars are over for me due to upper back pain.  Now days I’m into comfy cozy all the way.   My saddle is a Brooks B17 standard.  I swear by leather saddles.  After touring down the east coast with my son we figured out the trick to a Brooks saddle….don’t wear padded shorts.  My choice of cycling shorts are Tri-shorts or regular street clothes.  I will be using the tri-shorts for this event.

I also decided on taking a 1 person tent. It only weighs 3 pounds.  My frame is small so I decided to go with 2 rear ortlieb panniers.  I’ve been watching the weather and it still looks like it is crazy cold out west.  Much different than past years.  So my clothes will be a merino wool sweater, merino wool undershirt, my old gloves from living in Colorado.  Once I get past the mountain ranges I will ship my warm gear home and lighten my load.  I’d rather be safe than sorry.  It’s just a bike ride…right?

During the ride I don’t know if I will be able to log much but will be posting pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

I am riding for a cause and please check out Corey’s story.

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