TABR 2017 Countdown 3 days

Thanks to my brother Dave and Laura for taking care of my property and getting me to my friends for my ride to Orlando.

Thanks to Jean and Lisa for the send off in Orlando. You two are too funny!

Thanks Lenny and keep riding that bike until I get back!

Last but not least Thanks Aunt Marge and Uncle Frank for taking good care of Jack (my puppy)

Yesterday was a long day. Up at 3AM to get the shuttle to the airport.  My flight left Orlando at 6:30AM with a layover in Houston, then off to Portland. 8 hours of flying and only had pretzels, peanuts and Fritos on the plane.  I was starving!!!

Once in Portland I had another wait at the train station for the bus into Astoria.  One thing I have to say about Portland is they have great restaurants.  I found a place by the train station called “Pints”. They had microbrews and specials of the day. Not much of a choice but what I had was great. Best chicken wrap ever.  I eventually made my way to the train station and rested for a few more hours. The bus didn’t leave until 6:30PM.  I finally pulled into Portland at 9PM which is midnight east coast time. So yesterday was a 24 hour day.

Today I go to the bike store to get my bike and assemble it.  Hoping all goes well! 🙂

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